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Can't say enough about this for the public and provides so much information, news and entertainment and really does a good job representing topics and stories from all sides with different points of view as well as providing room for public opinion. Provides a wealth of information on their website as well. -------- This morning on Wisconsin Public Radio the guest for Joy Cardin's show at 7am was columnist from Natural Home magazine and author of Eating Between the Lines: The Supermarket Shopper's Guide to the Truth Behind Food Labels, Kimberly Lord Stewart. Proved to be a very interesting hour of conversation. Learned that just because the label on chicken may say "free range" does not mean that those chickens had access to pastures, in fact a very high percentage are kept indoors and for a brief period of three weeks are given water and corn in a setting much like a factory farm - indoors without the slaughtering or fillers fed to them, but not left free to graze as a chicken on a farm would. Also spoke about organic vs. organic a bit and she listed fruits and vegetables that have the highest pesticide residue so that for those that can't afford to buy everything organic, she provided those items that may be most important for you to buy organic. The top three fruits that she listed as having the highest pesticide residue were apples, cherries and vine ripened grapes. The top three vegetables were potatoes, red bell peppers and if I am remembering correctly, the last one was celery. Very interesting show and a very interesting topic as I know that we as consumers often take for granted that what we see is what we get, not necessarily so...even when you think you're doing good and the best for your family apparently. You can check out Joy's archives on the WPR site here and read or listen to the show to learn more.
Kim Stewart said...

As the author of Eating Between the Lines, I thank you for your interest in the book and welcome comments from other readers.

Jennifer Davis said...

Wow, thanks Kim!