Mom's Night Out!

It was a blast! It was super nice to get out for an evening and spend some time with friends...not that my time with the Zoester is all that bad - it's great, it's just nice to have some "me time" once in awhile that actually is "me time." After yesterday's events (some of which involved my checking out some DVD's and leaving them on top of the car only to discover this fact upon seeing a flash out my rear view window and then followed by a large pick-up truck running over [I could only imagine this and than later deemed it to be indeed fact] aforementioned DVD's, a series of trips to and from the DVD rental store one of which I was almost in tears [not really, but close] and then another where I came bringing cupcakes for the amazingly kind-hearted man that runs and owns the rental store, and two trips to Wal-Mart due not to my coming to realize I needed to make an additional purchase but that someone had neglected to put some of my already purchased items in my bag [these items being the entire purpose of my trip in the first place]) I really needed a night out. Our evening consisted of dinner out at one of my favorite local restaurants and then some time was spent afterwards at my local scrapbook store (where I also am employed) where we created some Scrabble Tile Pendants with the help of my friend Misty (who makes jewelry and is an active member of MOPS). It was a super nice evening are some photos from the night:

Mops Night Out
My friend (and the teacher for the evening), Misty.

Mops Night Out
Here she is doing her teacher thing...

Mops Night Out
A group shot of some of us working on the pendants...(from left to right: Jacqueline, Mary, Paige, Misty, Kelly, Sarah, and the back of my friend Betsy's head - sorry Betsy!)

Mops Night Out
Another group shot...

Mops Night Out
There were several different steps to making the some of us were glueing the papers to the pendants.

Mops Night Out
Here Mary was giving her pendant a coat of Modge Podge I think...

Mops Night Out
Betsy's trimming excess paper from her pendant here.

Mops Night Out

Tonight Zoey has Bible School (which I'm helping out with) and this afternoon we are playing a bit of catch up on things that just need getting done here around home. The sun is shining and after having an evening out I have a bit more spring in my step!
Unknown said...

I'm always amazed by how short I am! Twas a fun evening! Thanks for helping out.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Oh Sweets- you really needed some me time...!!!! So sorry about the rental dvd ! Love those tiles- that must have been a lot of fun!!!

Mary Jo said...

Everyone needs a night out once in awhile, LOL! Looks like fun and a great project! Mary Jo

Mary Jo said...

Oh! I forgot =) I can't believe you have Charlie, too! The twins absolutely LOVE him (and of course, now they love him in my bathroom, LOL!) I may have to look for the smaller version. I think they'd enjoy that!

Susan Beth said...

The dvd thing sounds a bit . . . oh, I don't know . . . STRESSFUL! I can imagine little running trips to the busy street with quite a bit of danger as you recover the . . . well, I imagin pieces. Glad you got a night out after an adventure like that! Looks like a lot of fun.

Linda Beeson said...

What a neat project! I would have loved to have been there - the time out time and the creating!

Patty S said...

omg - i feel bad for your dvd incident and day, but i guess you have to look at it and laugh now, right? ;-)
i once drove around with a cup of dunkin donuts coffee on my roof wondering what the heck the strange noise was and then 'ah hah!' and 'omg i feel like an idiot' went through my head at the same time! LOL! unbelievably it stayed up there because of the luggage racks and none of it spilled even with rolling all over the place.
glad to hear you enjoyed some much required but seldom achieved with little kids 'me' time.
patty :-)

Mandi Johnson said...

oh man that looks like tons of fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my what a mess with the dvd's and wally world mix ups but you recovered great I'm sure the cup cakes were a hit. Looks like the Mops night was super fun. I think sometimes little things happen so we enjoy those special nights out alot more.