The Bunny Came!

Easter Basket

We are happy to report that the Easter Bunny did indeed find us here in the Northwoods! We first enjoyed a nice service at church and then rushed home to start the big search...we had some special things from Ethan's parents to hide in addition to the bunny's basket of goodies so that made it all the more special.


After everything was found and we had lunch, Zoey and I headed to the park for the afternoon. It was the most beautiful day and I am so happy that it just happened to fall on Easter Sunday, (today it's cloudy and cool again).



Last year the tunnel slide was the only one that she would regularly go down and now this year it's no fear all the way baby...she's sliding on her tummy on the "big kid's slides!"



I had to include this dramatic pose...


The park is next to a lake so we also spent some time near the water drawing in the sand and getting out boots a bit wet...the photo below was taken before the playing took place in the water with her boots.


I think it's pretty safe to say that Zoey had a pretty fun time getting some fresh air and goofing around at the park for the afternoon. It was really a busy place too, there was an older guy that was flying his remote controlled airplane over the lake (which is still frozen over by the way)...a crowd of about 5 or 6 people actually gathered around to watch him. There were two snowmobiles that continuously zoomed back and forth across the lake, which I find incredibly insane with how the weather has become warmer. There was an ice fisherman fishing out in the middle of the lake...again, crazy. One thing that Ethan and I have come to understand about living here around all this water is that there has to be someone who is the absolute last person out on the ice for any given year/season (I think the same may apply to the snowmobilers' but for them it's more of having to have someone be the one person that goes through the ice at the end of the season for any given year). Seriously. Anyways, back to the park...there were people playing tennis in the tennis courts and of course other kids playing and lots of people just walking around enjoying the beautiful weather. Once of Zoey's friend's from dance class ended up arriving shortly after we were there so that added to the fun of the afternoon.

After our adventure at the park we headed home and cleaned up and spent some time on the couch watching the movie WALL-E while Ethan prepared us a nice dinner.

A really nice way to spend the day...sometimes the best times are those where there are no big plans set in stone and you have the ability to just let things happen.
Jess said...

Those photos are adorable! You caught some really great ones! :)

Patty S said...

looks like you had a beautiful day, too!
and way to go zoey! - sliding down hands first - woohoo!!
my husband goes ice fishing in jan. and feb. and it makes me nervous then - i can't imagine when things are starting to melt and people are still going on the ice - craaaaazeeeeee!!!!
patty :-)

Nathalie Kalbach said...

such cute photos- look like a gorgeous time :)

Suz said...

What sweet photos. Looks like you all had a great time

Vicky said...

Super photos, Jen! Love all the action shots.

I've been living up here in the northwoods a long time but there's no way I'm going out on the ice, whenever!

Pamela said...

Fun pics! Glad you enjoyed your Easter!

Linda Beeson said...

What wonderful photos! Following kids around with a camera is just so much fun!

Kim Faucher said...

beautiful! Love the pictures of her enjoying the spring day!
Looks like you guys had a great Easter!

SelenaKimsey said...

Such sweet photos. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

DebW said...

Great photos! And yeah, lake people are kinda crazy!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter, jen! :D So glad you did, too! And what wonderful photos! :D

Susan Beth said...

Is it just me, or is she getting to look more and more like you? Great photos, and I'm so glad you had a wonderful day to get out at the park! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! How sweet of your DH to make you dinner :)

PS--I know they are technically "weeds" but I actually like dandelions...Shhhh, don't tell! lol.

Sarah said...

I always love your pics of Zoey. They are so cute! Glad you had a great Easter!