NEW!! Close to My Heart VIP Customer Program


I'm so excited to share that Close to My Heart is changing things up and now are offering a VIP Customer program in place of the old "Hostess Rewards" program. What does this mean for you? 

If you sign up with me to be a Close to My Heart VIP customer you will pay a once a year (annual) $35 fee and immediately receive a $15 credit to use on your next order. BONUS if you join in October, November or December that $15 becomes $25 instead!! 

What perks does a VIP Customer get?

You will earn a 15% credit on whatever your purchase amount is for future orders. You can use it on your next order or save it (bank it) to get that big ticket item your after or go on a shopping spree at a later point in time. The choice is yours! Your % in credit will only expire if you do not renew your membership at the end of the year ($35/year). Also, each month that you have a $50 or more order, you will automatically get a FREE Stamp of the Month set! There will also be exclusive groups and clubs as well as projects that you will be offered throughout the year! So exciting! 

Any items you purchase from my website will get you your credit, to redeem your points you will have to login and place an order through the site. 

You can join the Close to My Heart VIP Program starting October 1st. Just visit my website to become a part of the VIP Customer Program! If you have any questions please let me know!