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Well friends, it's been a hot minute since I've been on here it feels like! All of a sudden school started back up and life is b-u-s-y! My daughter is homeschooled and at the last minute she decided to take a few classes at the public high school this year which kind of left me scrambling! She's also working on college applications which is time consuming as well especially due to her interest in majoring in theatre. It means there's extra hoops to jump through in the application process. Monologues to memorize, dances to choreograph, and videos to create! Ack! So, thank you for bearing with me and sticking around!

I had so much fun working with this sweet collection! I knew right away when I saw the chicks and chickens that I'd be using a photo of Zoey and her good friend Ruby! Ruby's had chickens since she was a wee little one. It was always so much fun for Zoey to go over to her house and see/meet all the new chicks! 

I had fun combining several patterns and papers together for this page. I also was sure to use the phrase fun!

Isn't this chicken the cutest? I had to put it on top of the chicken coop, adding a little gem sticker gives the illusion of an egg don't you think? 

Thanks so much for stopping by!