afternoon play...


Can't quite believe that we spent the afternoon at the beach and it's almost December! Zoesie brought her shovel and we played in the sand, dug some holes, then went exploring around the pond area near Brandy Beach. It was so nice to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.
A little funny something that Zoey said this morning...first off, yesterday I wore a new pair of fuzzy black socks and late last night I took them off my feet and a whole bunch of the black fuzz from the socks was stuck to my feet, so naturally I exclaimed, "Gross!" with Zoey (of course) right by my side...I then explained that it was just some fuzz from my socks and that it would wash off, (thus easing her concern). Well, fast forward to this morning...while we were getting all set to take Ethan to work I was getting ready to put on some new socks and Zoey saw my (clean, fuzz-free) feet and exclaimed, (with complete and utter JOY), "Mama, your feet aren't gross anymore...aaaww!" She included the "aaaww" part! Just goes to show how much little ones listen and just how much she cares! :) -j
Jennifer Davis said...

blah..blah..blah.. Tell Hillary to have fun! ;)