2021 Creative Goals | Scrapbook Layout



When I saw the free January cut file from Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine I knew I had to use it on a layout. I hadn't created a 2021 layout sharing goals or resolutions (which I don't do) so I decided this year I would document my creative goals. I totally got the idea for this page from the amazing and talented Meghann Andrew.

Story Tag Journal Mini | Using Old Family Photos



My father passed away in late August of this last year and it was hands down the most difficult thing that I have ever gone through. All of it was so.dang.hard. He was my person in this life. When they talk about fathers and daughters and how special that relationship is...take that and times it a hundred thousand bazillion and you might get close to being accurate. Anyways, when I was working at my dad's house cleaning and going through his things, I happened upon lots of letters and photos which to a scrapbooker, is like finding a literal goldmine. In addition to old, old, old, photos, I was tickled to discover some photos from my childhood that I don't recall ever seeing. I printed some of my favorites and used them in this little tag mini so I can easily flip through and look at them whenever I want. I have it on display in my craft room as well, so I can be reminded of all the goodness that was my childhood.

Little Me | Scrapbook Layout


For Christmas I bought myself the Storyteller collection from Vicki Boutin. I've mentioned how much I love it before and I'm still feeling the same! It's just so rich in it's color scheme and I love the variety in textures and patterns. Kind of boho...kind of indie...I don't know, I just know that I love it and am having fun using it. 

Fun Times | Close to My Heart



I pulled out the Blue Skies Paper Packet + sticker sheet tonight from Close to My Heart to put this page together. These fun and bright photos of Zoey hanging out with me in my craft room work perfectly with these bright and happy patterns and colors! 

This is Us


I am not usually one for using pinks OR pastels in my layouts but I LOVE this page! Pretty sure it's due to the photos of my parents and I though and the cuteness that is Jen Hadfield's collections. I adore her collections so much! I'm glad that I was able to work those adorable bicycling bears on to this page. 

You & Buddy

I personally have a love/hate relationship with my mom and step-dad's dog Buddy. Zoey however loves him! Every time she get to see him, she's all over him giving him kisses and hugs and cradling him like a baby. This fun picture was just begging to be scrapped.

Happy Day Scrapbook Layout


I was just telling Zoey today that I wish that every day could be like the days immediately following Christmas Day. I did go in to work yesterday for a bit to unload the book drop and check-in some items to help out Monday's crew but today has been absolute heaven! We're eating up leftover homemade minestrone soup and potato rolls, Zoey's working on some embroidery (she got some new kits for Christmas) and I'm sitting across from her in my craft room scrapbooking and playing with my new (thanks, Mom!) Epson PictureMate printer. 

New Traditions



I started a new tradition this year. When I was little, at every single Christmas most of my presents were wrapped in silver paper with green and white candles, poinsettias, etc. When my half-sisters came for Christmas (happened just a few times that I can recall) their gifts were wrapped in the same paper. It actually got to be kind of annoying as the years went on. Couldn't we get some new paper Dad?