This Space + Small Adventures


I miss blogging and documenting via memory keeping. Lots has changed since I've last had a presence here. I now work full-time, Zoey's in college. Life just marches on. I'm hoping to slowly get a new routine in place that includes my popping in here more than just once a year! 

Also, I'm finding that I'm getting sick of social media. I'm missing the days of blogs and message boards...does this date me? Absolutely, I am sure! I've been thinking about the whys of my feelings and I truly feel as though this blog, was something that was for me...and a place that provided connection with those that held genuine space for me. Facebook doesn't feel like the place for that. I'm finding that I've just gotten in the habit of using it as a space holder for my photos, but then miss the actual stories that go along with the photos, because I don't want to share them with a bunch of random people for "likes" or attention - so here is my attempt at sharing anew in this space. My goal is that it gets me back in the routine of taking time for myself and for making a point to share my stories and have a place for my family to look back on to recall memories. We all love to look back at the photos...I want to be better at taking the time to share and document. 

Scrapbooking and memory keeping are things that I miss too. Deeply. May sound silly, but it's true. I may not have time to create elaborate albums these days, but I'm going to try and create pages via project life pages. A little less daunting to start dipping my foot back into things I think. 

These photos are from a solo mini-adventure that I took with the dog last week. I always enjoy time spent out at Cathedral Point. It feels like my very own personal sanctuary. So serene, untouched, always beautiful. 

And the trees...oh, the trees! They hold a special spot in my heart. 

Today I was off of work and enjoyed some quiet time in my studio and I worked on putting these photos in my album. It felt really, really, good. I'll share soon my finished pages! 

So good to be back...even if no one is reading. This is for me!