52Questions | Week 5


This weekend was a bit busier than usual for me so I'm posting last week's art journaling a day later than usual. Here was the prompt:

and here is my art journaling. 

I actually did my journaling late last night and was pretty exhausted but I had been thinking about what it was that I wanted to say so was able to kick it out pretty quickly. This morning however I've already thought of more things that I want to, I forgot to put learning how to play the banjo on my list! 

My journaling includes things like how I want to learn how to play the fiddle (or violin), the harmonica, the piano (beyond what I learned to play in school), how to better identify the rocks in my rock collection and gemstones (from my dad's collection), how to quilt (like my grandma), how to identify trees, mushrooms, and bird calls with confidence. How to exercise and stick with it! I also included things like how I want to learn how to ask for help (something I'm not very good at), how I need to learn to not always prepare for the worst-case-scenario (my need to not fail or be prepared emotionally for things when they don't turn out), how I want to be better at acknowledging that the things that I most admire in others are also within myself as well. I need to learn to say no to others sometimes so that I can take care of myself. I need to learn to not be a "someday" is happening right now. I want to get better at believing that there is so much goodness that is meant for me! It's so easy to listen to that little voice, that when things get hard, whispers "That is simply not meant for you."  

I journaled in my songbook that is serving as my art journal with black sharpie and then sewed some sheets of vellum paper and placed them over the top. added some typed phrases and a butterfly that I had in my scrapbook stash and called it done. 

This week's prompt is:

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