Busy Morning

Well, the T-birds lost last night to Waupaca but they should be proud as they had a great season. We listened to the game last night on the radio, which was fun and reminded me of spending time at my grandparents house. My Grandpa Paul always had a game on the t.v. or radio.
I'm getting into the "crafting" mode for the holidays for sure! I've got several ideas for projects that I want to start and hopefully give for the holidays this year. It's just this thing called time that's standing in my way! Wish I had more of it! This afternoon I agreed to work for a lady at the bakery which means my weekend is pretty much taken up now as I am also working all day tomorrow. Errrr...the extra $ will be nice though.
Trying to remember to be present in the moment...spoke with a woman the other day who lost her son as an adult and when she tries to look back to remember his 5th birthday or some other meaningful memory from his youth she draws a complete blank because on his birthday she wasn't stopping to celebrate the birthday but rather was always looking ahead on to the next item on the list...planning the next birthday, the next holiday, the next invitations, etc. One of the greatest gifts that I can give Z (as well as myself), is to be present in the moment with her. I'm off now to go spend some time with her this morning before I work. -j