Creating Place


For a VERY long time now I've had my art supplies stored in a basement, in closets, stuffed under or in other furniture and now, finally, they are out and organized and ready for my use! :) I can't tell you how good that feels! One of my earliest, fondest memories as a little girl is walking into an art supply store with my Dad and looking in awe at all the colored paints, pencils, brushes, and papers. I remember the smell too...a very earthy, lovely smell always accompanied those visits. To this day I LOVE more than anything looking at different colored, patterned papers, looking at pencils and paints. I love picking out new supplies and bringing them home to sort and organize at my whim. I can't explain it really any better than a little child walking into a candy shop and being in heaven. I LOVE art supplies! I love making things with my hands. I love "exploring" different ways of using things. I love just sitting and thinking of what I could use my supplies for. I love the feeling I get when I'm in my "creative" frame of mind. And now that I will have a job teaching layout and design I actually have a solidified, justified excuse to create and use my supplies! Yay! That is so exciting for me. I've always felt a little guilty "playing" with my art because I felt that maybe it was just that, play...but now I feel I've been given an outside reason, or excuse rather to do what I truly want! Make art! I am SO happy! :) I really am in the mood to paint and have a particular idea in mind, but am having a hard time finding a place that sells stretched canvas. Maybe I'll have to resort to buying something online. For now, I am happy just knowing everything else is out and ready for my use. -j