Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Some things that we are thankful for this year:
Jenny: family, friends and community
Ethan: the love of my family
Zoey: kisses, (eskimo, butterfly and otherwise included!)
Jenny: health of my loved ones
Ethan: health of my family
Zoey: everyone who loves me and cares for me
Jenny: the strength of the human spirit
Ethan: swinging with Zoey
Zoey: Little People
Jenny: the ability to share happiness found in the every day things that make up my days with Ethan and Zoey
Ethan: Jenny's enthusiasm for decorating life
Zoey: popsicles!
Jenny: coffee!
Ethan: coffee, chocolate and PIZZA! :)
Have a wonderful, safe and hug filled Thanksgiving everyone! Love you all!