It's My Birthday!


It's my birthday! :) We are off to the Dr. this afternoon for Zoey...she has fiery red swollen upper gums and some strange spotting on her tongue and mouth so I'm concerned. At first we thought that it was just an intense reaction to getting a molar but the spotting is strange. She also is having a difficult time eating things due to the pain. Brushing her teeth is out too just because she is so uncomfortable. I'm thinking thrush, or exposure to primary herpetic? Hoping it's something that's easy to treat.

Otherwise, I am reflecting on this past year and while difficult at times, it really has been the most telling year of my life thus far. I'm finally starting to feel comfortable in my shoes as a wife, parent, adult, (gasp!)...though maybe not as confident as I would like to be, I'm getting there. I'm learning that being perfect is impossible and that I shouldn't waste time trying to put up that I am or "things are" when in doing so Im not only alienating myself from others but from myself as well.

The above layout I did to celebrate (acceptance of) my turning 29! The journaling block reads: [LIKES] coffee, scrapbooking, sleep, music, reading, hiking, photography, art, being a mom, good food [dislikes] early mornings, laundry, grumpy people, stressful situations, ignorance, being sick, making loved ones sad [ACHEIVEMENTS] am a parent, able to care for my family at home, am a loving wife, live in a community that feels like home [GOALS] judge less-myself and others, play more, relax, take time to be present more as a parent, take better care of me, spend more time with Ethan.

The quote alongside the page reads: the absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw

All birthday stuff aside, I hope Zoesie's alright. Will post more after the appointment if possible. -j