Nutshell Gallery

I got my first Christmas present for Zoey today! I ordered the Nutshell Gallery books for her by Maurice Sendak. I had them as a child and I remember the illustrations and fun verse so vividly so I'm so excited to know that Zoey will have them available to her now as well. It's so funny, whenever I mention Maurice Sendak people always think of the Where The Wild Things Are and hardly anyone knows of the books included in the Nutshell Gallery set...but I really think these are the best! :) Now I just need to go out and get some wrapping paper!! We really had a productive day today, accomplished lots of things that needed doing and had some fun along the way.

While running our many errands this morning I stopped in a printing agency that had a sign up saying that they also sold scrapbooking supplies (gasp!) and now I'm thinking that it might be a really great thing to work in graphic design. In addition to having many commercial accounts, (brochures, announcements, business cards, etc.) they make and design there own greeting cards and they are cool ones too...not crafty-kitschy ones that some places do up. I've always loved placement of colors, shapes and things so it really kind of makes sense...I also am discovering that I really like learning about the technology end of things as well. We'll's figuring the time and money thing out right now. It would be neat if I could figure out a way to do an apprenticeship or something somewhere, that is after Zoey is in school or something. Guess I've got some time to think about things. For now, I'll just dream and keep adding to the ever growing list of things that I want to do! Speaking of that, I was just telling Ethan tonight that I am so sad to know that I will never get to read all of the books that I want to read in my lifetime. There are so many good ones out there! How inspiring it is to be inspired! :) -j
Jennifer Davis said...

Action figures based on the book Where the Wild Things Are...hmmmm.

And, was there a clause written within the contract that allowed for changes to take place? :)