Painting and Scrapping!


Today was a pretty good day. This morning we were able to get several errands run and have a library visit. The afternoon we spent at home, Zoey did a little painting and I got in a little scrapping! Yay!

The journaling on my layout reads: At two you are all about playing...loving the little people BIG time, pooh bear, dora the explorer, blues clues to name a few favorite playthings. Not too long ago you got a dr.'s kit and so now we all get Dr. Zoey check-ups. I love you Zoey - may you always find time to play. 06

I'm pleased with the layout, but disappointed with how the picture is a bit blurry. I usually take pictures of my lo's during the day when I can use the sunlight coming in from the window for my lighting, but alas, it is evening and I just wanted to get this posted and I didn't use the flash due to glare, thus I got a poorer picture image *sigh*...oh well, I'll survive! Later -j