Zoey Update

We found Zoey a Doctor! What a GREAT experience we had...Dr. Henry, (a woman) was so good with Zoey, she got right down to where Zoey was, (eye level) and was calm, really relaxed and SUPER kind. She actually made the visit fun if you can believe that! :) Turns out Zoey has something called primary herpetic gingivostomatisis. Basicly she came into contact with the virus somewhere, (MOPS maybe?) and it is very common for little kids to get it at some point during childhood but can be serious if there is a high spike in the fever. Her fever has been managable at this point. We have a "magic mouthwash" for Zoey to help with the pain and hopefully dry up the little ulcers in her mouth and if needed I have a prescription to fill for an antibiotic. Whew! -j
Ann said...

A caring doctor, a "magic" mouthwash, if needed, an antibiotic, and best of all: two caring parents. All these will help Zoey feel better soon - especially hugs from Mama and Papa.

Share some hugs with Zoey from Grannie and Jeep. Let her know we send her good health wishes!

Love you all!