Family Visit


It sure was nice to have my family here for the last few days...Ethan and I were able to get out this weekend to do some special "Santa" shopping for a certain little someone and we had great success at it too! Lot's of fun looking at and playing with all the toys. I look forward to seeing what Zoey thinks of her Christmas goodies! I can only imagine the look on her face Christmas morning! :) Can't wait! I worked on Sunday afternoon and my Mom, Ross, Bailey, Ethan and Zoey stopped in for some treats and coffee at the bakery...I cannot tell you how it made me feel to have Zoey in the bakery while I was working! It was the neatest thing for me to show her all the cookies and brownies, cakes and pies, all the specialty breads and granolas...and have her be completely amazed! She was especially impressed with all the Christmas cookies, (of course!). She walked up and down behind the counter saying, "I love you Mommy...I love you Mommy" I'm thinking that she was thinking that maybe if she played up the niceties she would get some more bakery treats, as it was I think that total she had two (large) sugar cookies and a good sized portion of Grandma Sue Sue's Mint Brownie! Talk about a little sugar shock to the system! :) After work I came home and we all had a nice dinner that Ethan had prepared and then hung out and talked for a bit. Later that evening after Mom and Ross left for the hotel Bailey, Ethan and I watched the movie An Inconvenient Truth which is an absolutely incredible movie...please watch it! And now, everyone is gone. My family took off for home today around noon and ever since Zoey and I have been a little bit at odds. We'll get back into the routine of things tomorrow again I'm sure. But, it sure was nice to have family here and having a full that feeling. -j