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I've been reading C.S. Lewis' The Problem of Pain and while sometimes I've found myself reading and re-reading portions of the book (due to my tired mommy brain's inability to completely wrap around a particular idea or concept the first time around), I'm taking away so far that if we can accept and face our pain, the conflict will strengthen and purify our core character and in time the pain will pass. Therefore implying that if pain is not recognized or faced it has the potential to become chronic.
I was talking last night with a woman about the subject of pain and she said that she believes that when great pain or trial presents itself in ones life, those are the moments of true growth in ones life, (again, if recognized and faced-and the desire to understand its true source is investigated).
I would quote some of the passages that I'm thinking about from the book, but I'm not looking to debate at this point and I know that it's so easy to get to that place when the concept of religion is on the table. I am purely at the stage of exploration at this point...applying ideas to my own life and figuring out what they mean to me.
I love this song, I love the group Bright Eyes and I love the line within the song, "Your eyes must do some raining if your ever gonna grow".
I am learning to be thankful for all that life presents to me. I am finding myself more and more humbled every day and I am striving to be less judgemental of others and myself. -j
Aaron said...

I watched that video. Owen walked in and was mesmerized until the actual people showed up and started kissing...then he walked away... and then when the scrapbook style animation came back he was totally drawn in again, all the way to the end of the clip.

C.S. Lewis... great thinker. I love what I've read. Great insights, both religious and non...

I've never read The Power of Pain though.

Love the blog! You've got a great style. Keep it up.