My Mom the Knitter


I think that despite the fact that I absolutely CANNOT knit, knitting has brought my Mom and I closer. The understanding that my Mother's passion for knitting is similar to what I feel about scrapbooking is like a bridge in that way for us...scrapbooking is something that my Mom didn't really "get" when I started and it took a while for her to really appreciate it I think. After I shared with her that I was offered a position teaching a scrapbooking class, in my excitement I think I said something along the lines of, "Just imagine Mom, if someone came along and said they wanted to pay you to sit and knit for them all day". I think that's when she really "got" just how much I love to do what I'm doing. My Mom is really such a creative person...when I was just a little babe she played the Auto Harp for church, she designed and made felt banners/wall hangings for the church, I remember her sketching wildflowers in journals and she used to weave rugs, place mats and wall hangings on her loom. I remember hearing the
continuous swish and boom that her movements of working with the loom would make while I would be playing or reading in the living room. I also remember sitting on her lap while she would be working on the loom and how sometimes she would let me take over a bit with the weaving allowing me to see the different patterns taking shape. Also, all the baking and cooking that she did when I was little, now, when I think back to it was really incredible and I'm so thankful to her and her dedication to her family and our well being. My Grandmother is incredibly artistic and talented as well, she does so many things, ceramics, embroidery, quilting, gardening, and of course baking and cooking to just name a few! I am in complete awe of her...she is SO inspiring to me, definitely one of the strongest female role models in my life, (along with my Mom of course!). Anyways, just some thoughts on some of the women in my family today. -j