she now has wings...


Grandma Sue Sue and Great Grandma Evelyn came to visit and were here for last couple of nice to have my grandma get to see my home and the new town that I live in, also fun to have her get to see and know Zoesie a bit better too! Zoey enjoyed all the extra special attention that she got from having two grandma's around too! :) Really had a nice time, we had a little Christmas celebration here at the house one evening and then we spent an afternoon exploring some fun shops around town, including a visit to the Thrift Shop which was a very
successful trip for me since I actually got to try things on and look in the mirror! (Things that don't happen very often when I'm alone out with Zoey!). I found several tops and sweaters, a dress and a pair of boots to trek around town in this winter. Love finding deals at thrift shops! :) I've got a bit of scavenger in me I think. Anyways, then we went out for lunch at a cafe downtown, (where Zoey was an absolute PEACH!) :) Again, something that doesn't always happen! It was so neat to all be sitting around one table all the while knowing that it was four generations of women and family sitting there. Made me feel pretty special. Pretty cool thing indeed. Then one evening my Mom and Grandma watched Zoey and Ethan and I got to go out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants here in town called the Island Cafe. I had the Greek Style Tuna and Ethan had a Grilled Vegetable Baguette. Mmm...mmm! It was so fun to be able to go out together and watch the snow fall, eat warm yummy food and drink hot tea all the while knowing that Zoey was safe and was being cared for at our home. It is SO nice to go out with Ethan again and spend time with each other as a couple again. Really was a special evening for us and it was neat to know that it was special for my Mom, Grandma and Zoey as well. The fairy wings were a gift for Zoey from my Mom and Ross...Zoey was in complete awe when she first saw them. She put them on right away and wanted to fly. When she didn't fly she told me, "It's okay Mama, when it's warmer I go outside and I'll float...that'll be better." She just makes my heart swell so much that I can't quite believe it doesn't burst with all that love the I have for her. If she's not a fairy then she's an angel for sure. -j