so much to do...


Starting to feel the holiday time crunch...I have pretty much all of my shopping left to do. Pretty scary. I am having a hard time trying to come up with ideas for people this year, not sure why. Also, it's hard to shop with a two year old along. Go figure! Maybe tomorrow we'll get something accomplished? We'll see. I've also agreed to watch some of my friends children, (3 kids plus Zoey) the week of the 18th and now I'm wondering if maybe that wasn't the smartest of ideas after all. I was thinking at the time that the extra money would really help us out with the holidays and that it would feel good to be helping others, but now I'm thinking, hmmm...wonder if I'm going to actually have the time now to get everything done that needs doing! I've got lot's of baking to do this year, five dozen cookies alone for the MOP's group. Ahh, the art of stretching oneself too thin...of this, I am queen. Hoping that this afternoon will be productive for me. Hoping to get out with Zoey and do some serious shopping...this entails the purchase of a much needed sled for the Zoester. I think I am procrastinating now as well. (It's SO nice out today, it's one of those sunny, snowy days...perfect for finding a good snow hill to go sledding on.) -j