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I have been having way too much fun playing with pictures lately...I LOVE IT! It seems so silly but since Ethan got me my camera it's like my world has cracked open. I find myself being braver...if that makes any sense, I go more places, (armed with camera) and explore more, I look for interesting angles, colors, shadows and then I attempt to share those things that I find interesting with others. Most of all though I've been having FUN! It seems that it's been a long time coming, this feeling creative business. :) Coming from a super creative family I was always a little tentative to share anything that I thought was interesting because it seemed that everyone else was doing something much greater or far more creative than I. It's intimidating. Lately I've come to the conclusion that the only thing that's really been standing in my way is, (was), me. I am by far my harshest critic...I am trying to quiet that critic and listen to my true inner "voice". I need to live my life while I'm here and have the opportunity. I shouldn't worry too much about what others may think regarding my goals and my ambitions...I am my own person. It's funny, but even just the small reaching out that I've done so far by posting my layouts at the 2peas website, I've already made contacts and connections with published scrapbookers. A girl that I admire, Emily Falconbridge commented on my layout titled Sometimes I Worry, her comment was, " love your raw journalling here, and the paint looks awesome!"...nothing that super or anything but it really made me feel good to have been noticed my someone who has been published and flies around the world teaching scrapbooking classes. :) And then last night I got an email from one of the editors from Making Memories Magazine saying that a project that they are posting on one of their sites was inspired by one of my projects posted at the same 2peas website, they thanked me for the inspiration and when I looked at their site they had mentioned my name, (happydays525) for providing the inspiration as well. Pretty cool I thought!
On another note entirely, yesterday there was a lock down at the high school...the Oneida Co.
Sheriff and Vilas Co. Sheriff was there, a SWAT team and many officers were there searching the school. All students were in classrooms from 11 am until the end of the day. No outgoing phone calls, nobody allowed in or was pretty intense I guess. Ethan was actually in his classroom at 11 for his prep period, (no students), so he had to sit in a chair against the wall in a dark, empty classroom for the entire afternoon not knowing what was going on. There was an armed officer standing post outside his door because his room is located at one of the exit areas. Crazy. Apparently this was all based on some graffiti found within the school and someone reporting that a student was seen carrying a gun on one of the my knowledge nothing was found and things are proceeding as normal today. Scary stuff...I can't imagine the parents worrying about their kids. Apparently cars were lined up well beyond the school's parking lot of parents wanting to pick up their kids and being told they were not able to due to safety procedures. Yikes. Glad to have Ethan home safe and to have Zoesie home and in my arms. -j