Went to MOP's this morning and while I had a productive and meaningful time, to say that Zoey did would be far from the truth. She had a rough time today for some reason...when I went in to get her in the nursery after the meeting was over she was sitting on one of the volunteer's laps and was sniffling and had big tears in her eyes, as soon as she saw me she called out for me with her arms outstretched. I was then told that she had been like that the whole morning. I was a bit annoyed because at the start of this whole thing I told them in the nursery that I wanted to have them come and get me if she was having a difficult time with things. Made me kind of sick to know that she was crying for two hours without my even knowing. For some, (and everyone is entitled to their own philosophy on this!) that's fine, but I like to think that when a child is upset there is a reason and no matter how big or little the inconvenience, the child should be attended to and have their feelings taken seriously. Errrrr..., sorry for my rant! After MOP's the day picked up and we had fun the rest of the afternoon, me trying to make up a bit for her rough morning. I even got some time in to finish a scrapbooking layout (making me happy!) which I will post here later if I get the chance.
On a different subject all together...for some reason this winter I am not liking driving in the snow at ALL! We got more snow today and I really was finding that while out running errands I was driving like a little old lady that was barely able to see over the wheel! Really having a hard time with this...probably doesn't help that at every intersection it seems that there is another huge logging truck barreling through the lights. I'm sure it'll get better, but for now I'm playing it safe and being a slowpoke.
Now, I'm off to watch the movie Miami Vice with Ethan...not sure that renting it was all that worthwhile, but I'll give it a shot for Ethan's sake! :) -j
Sharon Hollis Sutter said...

Hi Jen, Grandma Hollis and I just viewed your blog, downloaded some photos and printed them. We had a great time looking through your blog. Very well done, and so interesting. What a neat way to share your life with others. We have to get your Mom online also. I have started one at