AEZine Challenge

AEzine's Challenge this week was to choose one word that speaks to you for whatever reason for 2007 and journal about it, scrapbook about it or do something creative with it. After deciding to participate in this challenge, (this is my first time joining in despite being a subscriber for awhile now, love her stuff!), I've decided that the word that I am choosing for myself for 2007 is discovery. I feel as though I am discovering so much about myself, as a woman, a wife and a mother. As an artist contributing to my world. I am discovering what matters to me, what makes me happy-what doesn't. I am finding my voice and using it in a way that means something to me. This is my year to look around and take notice. To embrace life, to see where I fit in and to accept new challenges daily. To be brave, to keep learning, to keep trying, to keep believing and to most of all accept my quest of self discovery with full force. I hope to eventually scrap a page on this, but for now it's just the journaling that I have time for. Thanks for the challenge Ali! -j