Inspiring Me

The Campanile Center for the Arts is directly across the street from the place that I work...pretty cool eh? We haven't actually been to a performance or an art show there yet but are pretty pumped at the prospect. We always listen to Wisconsin Public Radio while we eat dinner, (interrupted with Zoey chatter of course!), and tonight they were highlighting the Campanile Center! So it was pretty neat to listen to what's going on right here in our neck of the woods. There is so much stuff happening around here it's crazy. This place also offers classes and I was thinking that Ethan could take a creative writing course, I could take a photography course and Zoey could attend a morning art class for kids! :) Sounds good don't you think?

Lot's of things are inspiring me right now, this sounds so corny but when I sit back and really think about the things in our world and what people are doing, and what we are all capable of...I am struck with how crazy-amazing it is...what's being put out there by people and what's possible these many creative people doing really small and really big, all totally awesome things. I'm realizing more and more that everyone has a dream and that what matters is their vision, their version of success, I really want to be respectful of others and their lives. Just because something doesn't strike me as interesting doesn't mean that I should discredit it because it means something to someone else and that in itself is the really cool thing. Am I rambling? Just really want to remember to be kind I guess, we're all in this life together after all and sometimes, (at least I've found), it's the really small instances that mean so much. A compliment, someone starting a conversation with a stranger, a smile, waving someone through a stoplight. You get the idea...

Anyways, some of my inspiration as of late is coming from 1. rediscovering music by Tracy Chapman, I SO love her voice and her lyrics speak right to my heart...(I think the first time that I listened to her music was from a mixed cassette tape that one of my older sisters made that I listened to on the sly when they were visiting!) 2. loving playing with all my new scrap goodies that I got from my in-laws over Christmas, thank you! :) 3. discovering the works of Bill Sullivan...WOW what an interesting concept, not only visually but about people in general! 4. Sabrina Ward Harrison's photography is AMAZING! Check it out here. 5. and yes, this website and magazine is something that I enjoy, what can I say, she has lots of great craft projects! 6. I love checking out the gallery at 2peas to see what other scrapper's are doing 7. love spending the afternoon hanging with Zoey...that's always inspiring! Just watching and listening to her makes me stop in awe so many times throughout any given day. :) 8. Loving spending Saturdays with Ethan and Zoey and doing "family" type things together...very thankful for that. And I guess finally, life is inspiring amazing, so fragile, so crazy, and so short. May we enjoy more and complain less. -j
cherity said...

Inspiration really is everywhere if you keep your heart open it to, isn't it.

Living without inspiration sure can be a lost and lonely place. It just reiterates to me how much we were created to want to feel inspired and to be inspiring.

Thank you for reminding me that it is a matter of how you choose to look at it rather than whether or not something innately holds inspiration. And yes, the vast variety of things are inspiring reflects the very diversity of the planet and people we live with.