Our New Year's Day

On New Year's Day we spent the afternoon hiking the Bearskin Trail. It was a beautiful day, cold with the sun shining...we saw lot's of snowmobilers and other families out trekking the North woods as well. LOVE the smell of sweat and cold mixed with the gas from the snowmobiles! Odd to some, but it reminds me so much of home and growing up in Pepin. I am so happy to know that Zoey is going to have accessibility to all that this area has to offer. I really want her to have respect for nature, (contradicting my love of snowmobiles, I know!) and it's all around her here so it will very well be a part of her every day, it already is. I'm very thankful that we've been planted here. After our hike we went home and had some peanut butter cookies and warm cocoa. A very good start to the new year. :) -j