A Seriously Awesome Day!


Went to the Northwoods Children's Museum today in Eagle River and had a blast! Not sure who enjoyed it more, Zoey, Ethan or I. So much to see and do...and everything is interactive for the kids. Such good stuff, can't believe it's right here for us to take advantage of! Zoey got to pick vegetables in a garden and then prepare them on an old wood stove and set the table for her babies to eat...she could then put the babies to sleep or take them out shopping at the market...once there she purchased dry goods and meat from the butcher, (played by Ethan!), and then she checked out her goods using her own money! Then we explored a river with two currents flowing in opposite directions...experimented cause and effect by throwing in some boats, frogs and sharks in the river. She also got to fly in a space shuttle, drive an ambulance and work in the E.R. After a long shift at the hospital she took a break to read in the tree house and then we had to visit the babies again in the log house. There was so much to see and do it was unbelievable! We didn't cover half of what was there just because there was so much. Both Ethan and I think that this place far surpasses what Madison's Museum has to offer. And, this place has things of interest that will grow with Zoey. There's an art's and craft's room, a building room, a music room, and lots of little fun hiding places to just chill and hang out in. Good stuff! You can see all the photo's from today's exploring by clicking here. :) -j