Still Here...


It's been a busy and tiring week...glad that it's over with and we're on our way to a new start of things. I heard back from the lab regarding my moles and they were both found to be benign so that was a huge relief, I was worrying way too much about it and thinking that everything that happened this past week, (like getting a flier in the mail about early detection of skin cancer), was a sign that something scary was going to be revealed to me...but, not the case! :) Other than that it seems that my week consisted of days where everything that I looked at or touched broke, fell apart or sent me into hysterics! I cracked my head on the frame of the car one morning, I pulled the string on the light in the kitchen to turn it on...and it broke, I was talking on the phone, (a much awaited for phone call) and Zoey fell off the chair (that she was SITTING on mind you!) and got stuck between the wall and the chair, I made trips to the store only to return home and find that I neglected to get the one item that I originally went out to get, and I have to mention that while I was turning (TURNING!) into a parking stall at the grocery store a lady driving ahead of me backed up, almost hitting me, (forcing me to back up) and proceeded to take my parking spot, (I usually am not one to get upset over other drivers but this really got to me on this day and on this week!)...anyways, you get the idea, just a sucky week over all. Like I stated earlier, glad that this one is over and a new day is on it's way. I think a lot of my stress had to do with all my worrying about the lab results and the energy that I put into that.
Yesterday we just spent the day here at the house and it felt really, really good. Sometimes it's just good to catch up with things at home and spend time engaged in just being. Zoey and I were busy in the morning building a little snow fort, (her first), and weren't all that successful due to the snow being too powdery but we're (I am) thinking that it'll be a good base to work from since it's only going to be getting colder here and we will be getting some more snow too...thinking that an addition will be in the works sometime later this week.
Feeling a bit sluggish as of late...thinking that I need to start into some sort of exercise program again, I was doing really good with walking and then once it got so bitter cold I let it fall to the wayside, definitely want to get something going again. I need to make it a priority, it makes me feel better physically and mentally. It's so hard to balance everything, seems that when you concentrate on one part of your life then another part is neglected in some way...gotta work on figuring this out too. [sigh]
On a somewhat interesting note, (at least for me), I'm thinking that I am going to enter into my first ever scrapbooking contest over at 2peas. The contest calls for a one page layout on why you scrapbook, kind of excited about it. It feels good to be challenging myself in a creative way. Doesn't ever hurt to put yourself out there right? I'm actually finished with the layout but I'm not sure that I can post it anywhere but the 2peas site right now since it is a contest, so I'll probably be posting it here later, after the contest is over. Regardless if I win or not, I'm happy with the layout, it was one that I felt good doing and kind of just fell together for me, Ethan likes it too, which makes me happy! :) He really is taking this seriously thus making me feel important. Makes me feel good to have his support and have him take interest in what I'm doing, no matter how big or means the world to me! :)