Open water on the lake. The crazy thing is that there were ice fishermen out not 10 yards away from this fishing!
Had a nice visit with an old friend today on the phone, really miss her and am so glad that she called. It's always good to be in touch with those that really know us and have been there for the long haul...seems that I can just pick up where we last left off and be comfortable right away. Love that.
We got more snow last night, about three inches and I think that we're possibly going to be getting more. Ethan's got finals this week so he's busy preparing for those. Tomorrow morning I have MOP's and am a bit nervous due to the lack of enthusiasm Zoey showed the last time we went...hoping that things go better this time around for her, if not I'm thinking that a change will have to occur because it's just not worth going for her or I if she's going to be upset the whole time. Hoping that tomorrow afternoon we will have time to get to the library and run a few errands as well.
Time is going by way to fast it seems these days and at times I feel as though I have nothing to show for it, (besides clean laundry and dishes that is!). -j
Aaron said...

I can't believe folks are that fearless about walking on ice!

Owen's enthusiasm for preschool is definitely waning. He's the oldest kid in his group. We think that's actually his issue because Owen likes playing with kids older than him and shows little interest in playing with the younger.

Aaron said...

by the way

I like the double exposure.