Afternoons at the Bakery


Here are some pictures of the bakery that I work at...really a cool place to be employed. And SO amazing that the owners are willing to let me work one afternoon a week. ONE! It is so nice to have the whole stay-at-home-mom thing and get to get out an afternoon every week. And to have it spent at such a low key, low stress place is definitely a plus too. Everyone that comes into this place is coming because they want's pretty much a given that everyone is in a good mood and happy to see you once they walk through that door and see what is in the old antique pastry case! Working Sunday afternoons has allowed me to meet and distinguish some "regulars". One gentleman in particular has been my most faithful customer...he's in his late fifties and through the course of working my afternoon shifts I've come to learn some interesting, intimate and funny things about him and his family just by our minute long conversations. One of them being that one of their three sons was asked to the Snow Ball Dance when in high school by a young lady, (as that was custom for this dance) and went out to eat prior to the dance ordering lobster, knowing that the girl was going to pay the ticket...without offering to pay! He is now 35 and still not married! ;) Yesterday he, (the father) came in and brought his wife introducing her to me for the first time. I was so touched as after meeting her it was apparent that he had shared much about me with her. They sat at one of the tables and we chatted for a good hour or so before they left me to my closing duties. If it wasn't for my having to close I believe we could have gone on talking for quite some time. Such good people. I love stuff like that, it makes me feel so good to make connections with people and be reminded that we all are connected regardless of age, sex, race, religion, career, etc., etc., etc., and that we all have similarities that can bring us together if we just pay attention and are open to them.