And a Wee Bit of Fun with Photo Editing!


I could seriously do this all day long if I had the playing with pictures, love learning new things about my little editing program. Love dreaming about the day when I will have Photoshop! I want to learn how to use brushes first and familiarize myself with some of what photoshop offers so that we don't buy it and I am entirely in the dark, so for now I'm teaching myself as I go along and that means baby steps. Some day I will get there...I will get there some day. Meanwhile, I'll just have fun with what I have! :)

me..... said...

oh my goodness. glad i didn't pop in here before, then i would never have put my picture on my blog. your blog is amazing. will come have some coffee again soon.

Kate said...

Your daughter is a cutie! Cool tricks with the photo!