Earth Will You Be Mine?

Got this from ReadyMade's site...I especially like Step #4! :)

Tired of the commercialization surrounding Valentine's Day? Want the celebration of your love to be more ecologically or naturally oriented? Pay homage to your lover in an eco-friendly way.

STEP 1: Forget about cut roses. Give your valentine a rose bush to plant in his or her garden or a potted miniature rose plant to keep on her windowsill.
STEP 2: Instead of buying chocolate confections with packaging sure to end up at a nearby landfill, make your lover his or her favorite sweet - fudge, cookies, chocolate soufflé.
STEP 3: Send an electronic valentine (see related eHow) instead of one that originated from the trunk of a tree.
STEP 4: Make your love a present instead of buying one. Ideas: self-painted pottery, a photograph you took, hand-knitted socks (assuming you knit), a self-composed love song, a donation in his or her name to your eco-oriented nonprofit of choice.
STEP 5: Plan an evening stroll through a nearby park, forest, or beach. Hold hands, stare at the stars and moon, and listen to the sounds of nature. Dress warmly. If it's rainy, find a covered vista or gondola and kiss to keep warm.
STEP 6: Make reservations at an eco-friendly vegetarian restaurant, or don your chef's hat and prepare a vegetarian meal that's good to the tastebuds and good to the planet.