Ethan's Away...


so the girls will play! Ethan's gone tonight for a forensics meet so that means pizza, music and fun for us! Woo..hoo! Zoesie and I had a nice little evening of dancing and stories after dinner and now that she's in bed I get some "me" time! :) I read, watch the movie that I've checked out from the library and renewed twice, Pride and Prejudice, surf the web for some new music love or scrapbook? I think I'm going to read, after I share some fun music with you that is!
These are some songs that were on my and Zoesie's dance list tonight! Enjoy!
One of my all time favorites and a good song to listen to when in need of being reminded that it's okay to be different is this one.
I sometimes feel like this.
This is one that I listen to when I need to be lifted up and just revel in awe, her music is pure poetry, her voice so amazing and she is SO beautiful. Love her music so much.
Here is one that pumps me up and makes me feel powerful as a woman.
Here is one to reflect on.
His music is music that both Ethan and I like. Though I probably like his earlier stuff and Ethan the latter.
This song brings me back to the old days when I just wanted to have fun...I'm talking like 6th and 7th grade here! ;)
This is one by an artist/songwriter that I admire.
And this is one that Zoesie and I are sending out into the world tonight. :)
Jennifer Davis said...

Hmmmm...I don't even know that I would want to follow through and check out this link, knowing it's coming from you and all! ;) How are the taxes going? We've yet to file ours, maybe you'll zoom on over and help?!?!

Jennifer Davis said...

Oh my goodness Aerque...I'll be sure to share this with Ethan, you dedicated it to him right?

Jennifer Davis said...

Oh Aerque! Love it and I can't wait to share with Ethan! Though, I'm not sure that I "get" the last one.