Excitement, Books & Pancakes


Another random post coming I think...I am coming down from my excitement with my brief brush with fame. ;) Yesterday I sent an email to Ali Edwards letting her know just how thrilled I was and she responded! I couldn't believe that she took the time to do that, says a lot about what kind of person she is I think. Pretty neat and pretty special for me.

Lot's of things on the {to do} list of which is getting to the library to get some new books for Zoey, this last batch of books that we got included Carrot Soup by John Segal which Zoey just loved! It's all about how Spring is coming and rabbit is getting ready by plowing and planting his carrot seeds and watering the fields. Then he patiently waits for his crop to be ready and when it's time he goes out to harvest his crop and discovers that the carrots are all gone! He cannot find one single carrot! So he goes around and asks all his animal friends if they've seen his carrots. The neat part is that when he's asking one friend you see another animal friend in the background pushing a wheelbarrow of carrots or carrying a basket of carrots going somewhere (?) in the end it turns out that all of rabbit's friends have surprised rabbit by gathering all his carrots for him, sneaking in his house and preparing...CARROT SOUP! Then there is a recipe in the back of the book guessed it, Carrot Soup. A fun book! I need to return my copy of Visual Chronicles which I SO do not want to do! I've already renewed it twice so I think that I probably should return it but I really don't want to! A very good book if your into altered imagery or journaling. I want to get Alphabetica and Collage Unleashed but it doesn't look as though the library carries them so I'm going to inquire on those today at the front desk to see if they can special order them or something.

Oh, and the above picture is Zoey's crocodile pancake...her request...her pancake! :) Have a great day!