Some Ramblings on a Friday

Quote by Beth Moore:
"The lifeblood of integrity is becoming the same person no matter where we are--no matter who's around."

I found this quote on Rebecca Sower's blog this morning and really spoke to me. It wasn't that long ago it seems that I was constantly "being" someone for someone else's sake. Like being the chatty Cathy around that person that's quiet or acting submissive around someone who seems more powerful. Feeling the need to act "intelligent" around those that seem to demand intellectually equal (in their eyes anyways [eye-roll here]) peers. There was a time when asked the question, "and what is it that YOU do" I would reply truthfully, that I was a stay-at-home-Mom quickly followed up by an explanation of what I did before or what I hope to achieve next. Thinking that my answer could not possibly demand respect, after all I'm just lounging around all day watching soaps and eating bon bons with my two year old right?!?! It's funny how we let others determine our sense of self worth at times. Now that I'm feeling that I'm in a more comfortable place with myself...I think that I'm sick of being the victim and knowing, (now), that I most likely put myself there by allowing others to "see me" in that way by making my response a bit less than confident. I know that I'm important, that I'm intelligent and that what I'm doing here at home with Zoey is the most challenging and selfless thing that I could ever do in my lifetime and the outcome, whatever it may be will be so worth it. Just days ago I was looking for advice on what to do here with Zoey...these long, cold, winter days have been a bit challenging. Yesterday we went out and got some books on tape at the library, (Curious George and The Little Engine that Could) and we made some gooey chocolate coconut bars together here in the kitchen and then we cleaned up together afterwards...we had fun and I know that she was learning things and gaining more confidence and grasping ideas of cause and effect and for that brief moment I KNEW in every bone in my body that I was a good Mom and that I was doing a good job. It's just all those other moments in between and that follow that I begin to wonder again. ;) Am getting way off track now, mostly just wanted to share the above quote and the sentiment attached.
diane said...

Thanks for the instructions for the memo board. I am not the crafts coordinator, this is my first year at Mops. I would love to help out with it next year, so I am looking for ideas. Another question, I have been asking around lately about routines that SAH moms have with their kids. Do you have any kind of routine with your daughter? I am trying to figure things out for my family.