Kind of feeling as though I've been in overdrive the past several realizing that I am SO tired and need a break.

Zoey and I went to MOP'S on Tuesday and she did absolutely awesome, which is interesting because the people working in the nursery were different than the normal ones. They actually did projects and played games this time which made me feel good and Zoey loved. When I went to get her after the meeting she was positively glowing! Our meeting went well too, I sat by a different woman this time allowing us to chat for the first time since I've joined the group and we discovered that we both enjoy scrapbooking! We're thinking of trying to start a small crop night for scrapping, snacks and fun with some other women every other week or so. So that was yet another good connection made. Left MOP'S this time feeling good that I belonged to the group and hopeful for the next meeting as well. It's amazing how my outlook is directly affected by how Zoey's response is!

This morning we went to the gym for some fun and games again put on by the library group. Zoey had a blast...she always loves this. Afterwards we spent some time getting books and Zoey played puzzles with another little girl her age.

A very nice couple of days and start to the week but I am so tired, exhausted really. I find myself pushing myself ahead when I know that I'm dog tired. I want "me" time and "Ethan" time and Zoey to have "her"time and it's just not working this week. I've been wanting to scrapbook and when the time comes that I can sit down and actually contemplate doing something I'm just too exhausted and everything that I attempt just looks's so frustrating to want to be the best mom, the giving wife and there for myself and realize that it's just not always possible to be all those things all of the time! So, tonight Ethan and I are going to watch a movie together after Zoey goes to sleep, no reading and looking up now and again for me, (which I am famous for), but I'm really going to be in the moment, with him and enjoy our time together.