Zoesie's Party


Yesterday was a fun day...Zoey had a Valentine's Day Party to go to that was held at the old gymnasium in the community building here in town. She had so much fun, it was so good to see her running around with the other kids...she really needed that with being cooped up here at the house all the time this winter. So good to have her expel some energy and so awesome to see her with other little ones!! I also met another Mom who is the wife of one of Ethan's colleagues at the school. As soon as she heard that Ethan was a teacher she warmed up to me right away, she seemed really nice and it felt good to make another connection. Also, my friend Betsy was there and mentioned that she had entered into a photography competition at the Campanile Center for the Arts and that the show is being held this Saturday, so I'm hoping to try to get over for that this weekend now to see her stuff. So much fun stuff going on here, exciting! And you can see that we made cupcakes yesterday...Zoesie is all about stirring and "cooking" lately. The past few nights the conversations before bed have gone like this: "Mama, what do pumas eat? Do they eat leaves? Do they have stoves?" "Mama, what do jaguars eat? Do they eat meat? Are they big or little? Do they have Mamas and Papas? Do they have stoves?" and so on and so on...the big concern she has is if these animals have stoves and how do they prepare their food! So funny what little ones think about! Love it!