Copper Falls State Park


This afternoon we drove up to Mellen, Wisconsin, (about an hour and a half drive for us from home), and visited Copper Falls State Park for the first time. Very beautiful, though the trails were a bit slick yet for hiking so we're thinking that it will definitely be a place worth visiting again in the late spring or this summer for sure to get the full benefit of viewing everything there is to see. Zoesie was very much in awe of the falls and kept saying over and over that this was a magical place, and I would have to agree with her on this one. You can see more pictures of the falls by clicking here.
cherity said...

I love going to state parks. Living in town surrounded by houses and buildings makes me crave those 'undeveloped' pieces of heaven. Going to some local state parks have been little oases (sp?) in this concrete world. The boys just LOVE it! They ask to go all the time. Can't wait to walk some of those trails with you guys this summer :)

P.S. I just love seeing Zoey's little eggplant hat.

karin said...

so happy i found your blog again, i still thing you have the most beautiful girl!! love to read your blog!
love from South Africa

diane said...

That is so beautiful! What a blessing to live nearby a state park like that. And, so cool that Zoey gets to grow up experiencing the outdoors.

karin said...

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