Easter Eggs


Got the new Easter Doodlebug Kit in the mail the other day, (part of my gift certificate purchase from my winnings over at Two Peas) and I LOVE all the fun little goodies that were included. Love that their stuff can be cute without going over the top. Especially was impressed with their is seriously SO soft! I wanted to just keep running it through my fingers, it wasn't that cheap glossy finished stuff that's out everywhere. Anyways, before I bore you all with my take on ribbon quality... :) These pictures were taken at my sister Anna's house last year on Easter. Anna hosted an Easter egg hunt at the house for all the cousins on our side of the family. Everyone had a blast finding the eggs and eating the treats that were discovered inside the addition to the eggs there were some golf balls found...several in fact, as Rick, (Anna's husband) is an avid golfer so he and Jackson, (the eldest of their boys), hit balls in the backyard to practice their shots. Not sure how I'm going to explain the lack of golf balls this year to Zoey. Maybe the Easter Bunny will leave some in her Easter basket for good measure.