Happy Birthday Friend!


Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday Dear Cherity...Happy Birthday to You!

I've known this girl since the beginning of fourth grade, my Mom knocked on her front door after our first move because there were bikes in the front yard, (thus there must be kids that live there!), there were and Cherity ended up being my very best friend some eight years later and is still some twenty years later! From dinosaur jogging suits and tinted eye-glasses to Prom formals, (see picture, she's the blonde), to cool and carefree college attire, wedding dresses and the Mama days of feeling the frump...we've seen each other through not only the changing of styles but so much more. Came to terms with responsibility for the first time together as young adults, experienced the heartache that first loves can only bring, we faced and tested friendships, the pain of loyalty lost and the strength of trust gained, forgiveness, came in and out of faith with this girl, spent mucho time reflecting on life and discovering dreams together, laughed SO much and cried perhaps even more. She's the first person, (other than family) that I experienced the discovery of those little annoying quirks that we all possess and came to the realization that I loved her anyways and could live with her regardless, (despite the extremely deliberate way she eats her yogurt - she's SO quiet it's actually LOUD!!!!...drove me nutso when we were roommates). ;) All those times shared in River Falls...having fun with our new found freedom, playing, figuring out who we were and then in Platteville, starting out fresh, really coming to terms with our adulthood. To have been there through it all, I am so thankful that it was you by my side.

Just wanted to say thanks and pay tribute to you on your special day! Love you and thanks for always going the extra mile for me. Jen

p.s. And just so you know I haven't forgotten our roots and just how cool we are, or were rather, this is for you! ;) Cherity's favorite band of all time is this.

karin said...

it is truly wonderful to have a good friend, one who will always tell you the truth, mine actually tells me that i do look fat in that dress!! that is why i love her so much, i can trust her. best of all, she is family, my niece, we are 10 years apart and she is my bestest friend in the world.
i love your scrapbooking, but most of all, i love the sepia pictures of your girl, they are adorable!
i am from sunny South Africa, a very hot SA at the moment,
take care

Anne Thompson said...

What wonderful words for your friend! It's my girlfriends birthday today also. And I love your last card, good note too! Anne

cherity said...

I am not going to kill you, I could KISS you. I haven't heard that song in years. And although those Air Supply guys might have it going on, Damien Rice is my true LOVER!!!!

What goes around come around...Aaron eats his yogurt like that now. He is so delicate with it that every bite is squishy, in and out, in and out. AHHH!!!! It drives me CRAZY. Even turns the spoon upside down so the yogurt can go straight on the tongue. Gotta laugh about it or it would make my spine EXPLODE! So you can go on in life now peacefully knowing that I am forever tormented as I once tormented.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday gift. It really made me miss us.

Chad said...

I read this, while I am supposed to be putting Fletcher to sleep. But I had to take a moment to comment on the big lump in my gut, because I want to bawl after reading this. I love this girl so very much and have loved watching your friendship grow and change. I wish I had the time to write a tribute too, but instead I will THANK YOU JENNY, for taking the time to let her know how awesome she is. I want to tag along on this post and write a few of my memories, but like I said I need to be puting kids to sleep. Here's to happy and sad memories!!! Love the tag along little sister of Cherity, Robin

cherity said...

When I was first reading this I was thinking "Um, WOW, Chad, I never knew." But, quickly I realized...duh, it was my sister writing.

Thank you, Robin. In so many ways you are no longer the tag along little sister. You have forged your own ways and I am equally blessed to have you.

Thank you again, Jen. Even time I check your blog for something new and I see this, it makes me smile.

Jennifer Davis said...

The thing is, I could have gone on and on about all that we've goes way beyond anything that I could ever think of to say or write. There is really no way for people to know just how deep the roots have been planted or how tight the ties have been bound. Regardless of time, of age, situation or of locality, I know that you are there, and that is a very special thing.