She Did It!


Zoesie went sledding for the first time this winter! We've had her sled now since way before Christmas and she's been too scared to actually get on and go for a ride until yesterday. :) It was a beautiful day on Saturday, sun was shining and it got up to about 45 degrees so we went to the American Legion State Forest, (a 5 minute drive from our house) and hiked the Raven Trail, bringing Zoey's sled along, "just in case". Started out the hike and had no luck getting her in the sled so we just kept hiking and pointed out deer tracks, rabbit tracks, listened to the birds and found some interesting leaves and twigs and then all of sudden Zoey stopped and said, "PLEASE!" She said this about 4 more times before Ethan and I figured out that she wanted on the sled! Couldn't believe it! She spent the rest of the hike on the sled, singing and smiling as if she'd always been the fearless little voyager that she was on this day! :) Pictures from our weekend sledding adventure can be seen here. Such a happy day!
milkcan said...

What a gorgeous photo! I'm glad she had a successful sledding adventure!

claud said...

Great blog! Love the pictures!

cherity said...

Hi Jen!

Zoey looks ethereal. What a beautiful blessing you have there.

Isn't is great to get out in this weather? It has totally lifted my spirits. The air, with its smell of worms, is so purifying!

Miss you so much! Can't wait to see you ALL again.