She's Not Even Three Yet...


and she has all these pairs of shoes. I do not even want to think about what we are going to have to face down the road when she actually becomes aware of "things" and accumulating them for one reason or another, (remember those teen years when you just had to have what so and so had). And, I just want to add that Ethan and I are responsible for purchasing ONE of these pairs of shoes...ONE. It's not that they aren't cute and everything...we love them, she LOVES's just that, well... it's a lot of shoes for one little girl.
karin said...

yeah, i know it is allot of shoes, but, SHE IS SO CUTE IN THEM!! lol you know it is a girl thing, one can never have enough shoes! let her enjoy them, and by the way, you have to start looking for a very rich husband for her, that shoe fettish can get very expensive!!

Ann said...

Terrific photos of Zoey and her "Cinderella" and "ballerina" shoes! And Dora shoes, too!

Creative Mama Jen captures a memorable moment once again. What a treasury of photos about her early childhood Zoey will have!

While it lasts, enjoy having others giving Zoey shoes as gifts. :-)

In the meantime, Zoey, I think you should ask Mama and Papa to change your shoes a few times a day so you can enjoy every pair!

Ann :-) xo

Jennifer Davis said...

Yay! Grannie Annie can post again! :) This photo op was too much for me to resist! Yes, I am grateful for the shoes...and yes, we actually DO change pairs quite frequently! :)