What's Up Here...

A very nice day today, we all got to get out and do some walking and exploring today with Zoey in the stroller. It felt so good to walk and get the fresh air in our lungs and to come home afterwards with our cheeks and ears all hot and rosy from the cold. Lifted my spirits immensely and reminded me again of how important it is for me to make a point to exercise every day! Nothing beats that feeling of being outdoors and stretching those muscles!

Ethan's Mom left this morning for home and we are slowly getting back in to the routine of things again, but not too much so, as now it is Ethan's Spring Break! (Such is the life of being married to a family of educators!) We've got lots of things planned for this week, mostly just things that need doing, and appointments that can be made now that we will be able to meet and go together with Ethan being home for the week. With so many responsibilities, it kind of sucks the "Break" out of Spring Break, but I guess we should be thankful for the time that we do have to get the necessary things accomplished and out of the way.

At the request of the grandparents we went to get Zoey a studio portrait done at a local photo studio and we were pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. Our first attempt at getting photos of her at a studio setting was a complete disaster, (will not share everything but picture 20+ kids in a waiting room with parents primping and scolding and us trying to keep our 1 year old "happy" while waiting 45 minutes past our original appointment time for a picture that we weren't even sure we wanted!). Errrrr! Anyways, this time was SO different! Couldn't hurt that there were live baby chicks and bunnies at this studio for their Easter photo package! :) Zoesie absolutely had us floored, usually she is so cautious in new situations and it takes her a while to warm up to people, noises, different surroundings, etc. We walked in and right away she wanted to know if she could hold the bunnies. The photographer brought over a bunny and I was just waiting for Zoey to freak out and instead Zoey reached out and grabbed the bunny and held it close to her chest just as though it was the most normal thing in the world. None of us could believe it, as I am typing this I am smiling and shaking my head just thinking about it. So many surprises this little one gives us, I love it! Now I just hope that the pictures turned out! :)

Also went to a Steering Meeting, (my first), for MOP's to see if I would be interested in joining the committee as the Arts and Crafts Coordinator next year and I have to say that I am seriously thinking that I may take this on. It was so nice to be out with other women, in the evening, without our kids and talking about fun stuff and taking part in something larger than just me. They really made me feel welcome and I wasn't intimidated at all with what was proposed as far as what my responsibilities would be for next year's meetings. We'll see, I haven't committed myself yet, but am definitely thinking about it seriously now.

Lots of good things to think about now and lots to do to get ready for this coming of which will begetting our taxes done! This is the first year that I haven't done them myself so I'm a bit nervous getting things all together for someone else to take a look at, but I'm figuring that it will be a good thing to pass the torch on this one as I am slowly learning that it is okay to not be in control of absolutely everything in our life. Whew! A good thing to learn, I know! :)
Chad said...

It so fun and such a relief to read your posts. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts this time. I am needing to get the boys "professionally" photographed for Grandman and I have so much fear that they won't cooperate and I'll have wasted my time and energy. But I need to just do it, because they may surprise me and how nice it would be to just have that done.
I did my own taxes this year, because I still "need" to be in control of nearly everything in my life. Maybe next year, I'll have it all organized ahead of time and be able to have someone else do it.
Glad to hear you got out in the fresh air as a family. It helps you fall in love with your loved ones all over and gives a fresh perspective on life doesn't it.
We've got flowers here in Platteville! Spring is on its ways. Yeah to getting out of the house! Robin

diane said...

I am thinking about doing the arts and crafts thing with our MOPS, if we both end up there, we will have to share ideas. I read that you are going to be teaching some scrap classes this summer, cool. Also, congrats on being published that is so cool!