Some Tid-Bits!


So much to share it seems! This afternoon I went to my local scrapbook store and was introduced to the staff for the first time, as I will be joining them this summer working retail and teaching! :) SUPER exciting and it was fun meeting with the other ladies and getting a feel for the place, the classroom and familiarizing myself a bit more with the products they have, (didn't need too much help with that though, I think I knew what was where better than the owner just by my shopping there so frequently!!). The owner is already talking about and making suggestions on classes that I could do, and it sounds as though I'm going to have a lot of freedom to do what I want to do which really makes me happy, a bit nervous too, but it's a good nervous.

Last Tuesday's MOP'S group was awesome. We had a sister come in from the Franciscan Center to speak to us and she was so insightful, such a peaceful spirit, and I really appreciated what she offered us as a group and as individuals. She started the session by passing around a basket of seeds, (vegetables, herbs and flowers), for everyone to choose from and after we all had our packets she talked about the picture on the front of each of our packet's and how it represented the goal, the end result that we equate with beauty and/or success. Then she asked all of us to turn our packet's over and we then discussed all the different requirements of the tending to the seed to get that end result...spacing, germination time, did we need sunny/partly sunny exposure?, when were we to be planted? - what was our season?, what was our height to be?, our depth needed?, things like that. And then she applied all of this to each of us as individuals, our children and our homes. Explaining how sometimes, no matter how well we follow the requirements or directions the end result may not look like that picture on the front of the seed packet. There are no guarantee's, we need to remember that we all are different, we all have different requirements, different things that need tending to, different spacial comforts, different needs that need to be met in very specific and individual ways. It was also interesting to share as a group what we all picked for our seeds. I was an eggplant! No height for me! But I grow deep, which I found interesting! She also shared with us that the seeds of the Black Pine only open in the case of a fire, so in relating to us, she stated that sometimes the greatest growth occurs only when there is great tragedy. So needed to hear this and made me again realize how awesome it is that I've been invited into this group and reminded me how thankful I am for the opportunity to be living here in this community and that I get to call this place home. So much good is happening here for us.

And, wanted to share that I recently purchased the Everyday Life Bible featuring notes and commentary by Joyce Meyer and am finding it to have been a very worthwhile includes a book introduction which includes brief facts before the beginning of each book in the bible, life points which draw direct lines between the words of text and the experience of the reader, everyday life articles which focus on specific passages and feature Joyce's insight and teachings, and putting the word to work which offers questions to encourage introspection and then action for the reader to apply to their own life. I'm really finding this to be an accessible bible for me, I always found that I would get discouraged reading other versions as the text would be confusing or I wouldn't be able to easily grasp what the message was and would then just forget about it. Such a cool thing to be doing, reading the bible, and it gives me a moment to meditate on something other than what's going on immediately in front of me everyday...I'm able to see the bigger picture, (a version of it anyways), if that makes any sense.

Anne Thompson said...

Wow that sounds like an amazing group you go to! SOunds like a lot of fun!

Anne Thompson said...

Oh yeah, this is going to sound silly, but what does DH stand for? I'm guessing something husband. I've seen it used so many times by scrappers, but really don't get it? Thanx!

Evelien said...

It sounds great, you working and teaching! Good luck on that!

That group you go to sounds really nice. The link to the plants is so beautiful! Wonder what I would have picked...

AtomicArt1 said...

Hi Jenny! Hope you have fun working and teaching at your LSS--sounds like it will be a blast!

Enjoy your Bible too...that's so great that you've found one that works for you!

karin said...

every time i visit your blog, i absolutely have to look at the pictures of your daughter, they are just the most natural, amazing pics i'v seen in a long time! i love that you are telling everybody about the Every day Life Bible, it is truly wonderful!
i hope you are having a wonderful, blessed Easter with your family!
from a rainy South Africa