Been Busy...

here. Saturday I worked at the Scrapbook store and since it was National Scrapbook Day, (yep, there's actually a day for us!), it was crazy busy, but fun. We had several make'n'takes available, drawings and prizes given away every half hour, treats and everything in the store was on sale. It really was a fun day. I couldn't believe all the people that came, we had several groups that came in that were making a weekend trip of it. Pretty fun stuff.

Yesterday we hiked around Shannon Lake again, this time half way around we discovered that a tree was down blocking the path, so that made for an interesting ordeal with Zoey along. Basically I went over and then Ethan handed her to me and then he followed. Then, after Zoey was done throwing rocks in the water and "testing" the temperature of the lake she decided to sit in the water...let's just say it wasn't exactly the warmest of days. Zoey thought it was exciting though and didn't seem to mind in the slightest!

And, now the weekend is over again...Ethan's back to work and that means Zoey and Mama are teaming up again! :)