We've been having good times here lately...Friday I found out that another one of my layouts was requested and will be published, this one will be in the September, 2007 issue of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine! Really made my day, er/or I think it's safe to say my entire week! It's really cool to be getting paid for doing something that I absolutely LOVE. Just goes to show that when you listen to what's inside and follow your gut, good things are bound to follow. Saturday we spent most of the day visiting with Ethan's family at Lake George. It was nice to see Ethan's parents, even if it was for just a short visit and to have Zoey get in a little grandma and grandpa fix. And finally, Ethan got a new coffee maker...our current one died on us Friday morning and talk about drama! I went and got a new one that very day, (as coffee is a staple around here), and got a fancy sh-mancy one, (Ethan's request), after naming it and everything, (Ethan named it Darth Vader, yep...we're strange) it ended up not working so Ethan returned it that evening and we ended up getting a plain jane one, (the one that I originally would have gotten, of course!), and it works like a charm! Whew! All is well again in the little house in the big woods! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
HereNowSeattle said...

congratulations on the publication!