Some Inspiration...


beyond the tutu wearing graffiti artist, these are just some things that I'm finding an interest in and/or gaining inspiration from here lately.

I stumbled upon this poem written by Billy Collins, former US Poet Laureate titled Some Days and thought I would share. Makes me question, (and want to challenge), my natural tendency to judge others, and makes me recognize how easily others can make assumptions about me and how very not cool that can be.

And this just made me cry. You can learn more about the Hug Campaign and this man's story by clicking here. It's just a reminder to me that it all starts with just one person and that it could be me or you.
Zoey and I ran some errands yesterday which included stopping at a department store where I ended up getting some new undies, pretty ones...that fit to boot. That in itself is pretty dang inspiring! ;) Along with the above pictured ballerina tutu with slippers for Zoey, and Ethan's 24 pack of Disney branded mechanical pencils, (he's having a bit of trouble with a mechanical pencil thief in the classroom - hence the Disney), we all made out pretty well. That in itself is inspiring.
Other random bits of inspiration here is the beautiful weather...really loving being able to get outside with Zoey to play, the blooming flowers and shrubs in our small but sweet yard, getting little snippets of time to create...really appreciating that, going to Walgreen's to pick up my prints and having the attendant ask if I was a photographer...that felt really cool! Ethan bringing home a box of incredible portfolio's turned in by his rewarding for him and something that fills me with pride as well. Lot's of stuff right now that I am choosing to see and be thankful for. Inspiration is all around me I guess.