After watching Wisconsin Public Television's, In Wisconsin special last night on Pepin County, both Ethan and I were very disappointed. The reporters really missed some opportunities, (to highlight and showcase), some real gems about Pepin County and it's outer lying communities. They featured a writer, (whom I'm sure is very talented and deserving but of whom I had never heard of), that apparently resides in Pepin County part of the year, (something that would have been better off being in an episode showcasing Wisconsin writers perhaps?), school board issues and education financing struggles, (good to bring awareness and is a real issue of concern...but does this represent the best of Pepin County and what it's best known for?), in my opinion, no. They covered the Harbor View Cafe, (which is a HUGE draw to the area from the Twin Cities as well as the Minneapolis area), all of two minutes, maybe, (this was the idea that I had sent in as a viewer suggestion for the reporters). Nothing on the beautiful Pepin Harbor, no views of the Mississippi from a boater's view, none of the little inlets/outlets or marshlands were featured, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and her history was touched on briefly, but nothing was spoken of the Annual Laura Ingalls Wilder Days celebration or the much anticipated Stockholm Art Fair that is also an annual event held in Stockholm, WI that brings local artists and the community together for a weekend of art, live music, good food and good times. Every summer the local Yacht Club in Pepin hosts a sailboat race, unless I am mistaken, this is still an event that takes place as well as the annual fishing contest that takes place right in Pepin, WI and is a weekend event as well for the locals with contests, bingo, grilling out, music, and dancing. Something that celebrates the small town charm of living in a small community such as Pepin. There is something quite magical about parading your catch of the day to your next door neighbors and having your kids run about barefoot along the Mississippi River and know that up the street there are gourmet meals being served to people, (along the likes of Garrison Keeler), who will wait sometimes up to two hours to be served I might add, at the Harbor View Cafe. I grew up in Pepin so I know first hand of the beauty and what the area has to offer, after watching the show that was televised last night, had I not grown up in Pepin, I would not be planning a visit to go there any time soon. Very disappointed, as this could have been a great opportunity to bring tourism back to this very beautiful and untouched area of God's country. Really, was almost painful to watch. To learn more about Pepin and what it has to offer those living there as well as it's visitors, please check out the Pepin website here.
Ann said...

Wow! Your description of Pepin and the surrounding area should be part of a Chamber of Commerce ad!

I've never been to Pepin, Jen, but I am looking forward to the days when you can be my tourguide to the beautiful area of your glorious childhood!

Love you!

Tobey said...
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Tobey said...

ack, I wanted to edit and somehow ended up deleting!! anyway...

just wanted to say that your description of Pepin is so wonderful, I now need to put it on my places to go and things to see list!! You could have another career writing articles for travel magazines!