Before & After


While I was in the shower yesterday Zoey was upstairs playing with a red permanent marker. No, I didn't know that she had the marker in her possession, in fact - when I went upstairs and saw all the red on her I was trying for the life of me to figure out where it had come from as the marker was no where to be seen. After the initial shock of seeing her in all her glory I looked at her and told her to stay right there, mama needed to go get the camera! ;) So here are some pic's from our morning...three "before's" and one "after", (though she still has a pink tinge to her here and there as it was a permanent marker. Oh, and her excuse was that she was painting herself like Elmo does. I guess they do say that Sesame Street educates....hmmmmm.
Ann said...

Giggle! Giggle! I love
Zoey's imagination!

What amazes me is how carefully Zoey colored herself. I do not see a single speck of red on her cute dress. Now that is true concentration on Zoey's part!
Hugs to Zoey!

Keep enjoying the surprises and the joys of motherhood, Jen!


Jennifer Davis said...

I know! I almost added in my post that there wasn't a speck of marker on her dress...go figure! ;)