Red Tea and Cocoa Blossoms


Got this lovely perfume by Terra Nova at one of my favorite local shops, The Root Cellar. It smells so good and brings out the beautiful goddess that's tucked away deep within me! For a few minutes anyways! =) Was so fun to be out and about with Ethan while my Mom was visiting. Walking around the downtown square together and peeking in the shop windows made me feel as though we were only just dating again! [Insert SUPER happy sigh here!]. Gotta love those special moments of alone time when you are parents of little ones, precious gifts they are, precious gifts.
cherity said...

Gotta admit I am a little jealous here...of course in a good way. That 'date' with Ethan and you sounded wonderful. Aaron and I are really needing some time like that.

Offer is still open if you would like to join us for an overnight Duluth trip this summer (or something like that). We like to go sightseeing and shopping alone, too, but sometimes when we are there we wish we had another couple to go out to eat with or hang out with for a bit.

I miss you tons Jenny D and it would be great to hang out sans the kiddos. Of course, I would love to see Zoey again, but you know what I mean, right?

Ann said...

Jen, I'm delighted to learn you and Ethan had some "alone" time while your Mom visited. Every couple needs time to rediscover one another. I'm glad you both took advantage of your Mom's visit and her offer to do some babysitting.

The time you and Ethan had together and the the time Zoey had with just her Grandma Sue Sue is definitely an example of a win-win

Love you!
Ann xo :-)

Barb said...

Congrats on the alone time!

Am busy imagining what red tea might smell like. Very interesting.